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RJS Air Conditioning & Heating LLC is here for you...



Is RJS Air Conditioning & Heating LLC still doing service & repairs?

Yes, we are!  ​You can rest assured that it's business as usual for us.



What is RJS Air Conditioning & Heating LLC doing to protect clients and employees?

The precautions we take are the same we take every cold and flu season.  Our employees will not go to your home if he/she is sick.  Our employees will continue to wash their hands before he/she arrives and when he/she leaves.  Each employee has antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in their work vehicle.  They will also use gloves, mask (if needed), and shoe covers.

Please let us know if you or someone in your home is ill.  We'll be sure to take extra precautions.


What can I do?

We always recommend using a layered approach to indoor air quality as we do in our own homes.  

Do you use a quality filter?  Do you have a device that is engineered to improve air quality?   Your indoor air quality is important at any time of the year since we spend a considerable amount of time in our home.  Keeping your home clean and relatively free of chemicals, allergens, bacteria, and viruses is a part of staying healthy.  The goal is to remove, neutralize, or kill particles and chemicals.  Also, control temperature and humidity to help reduce mold growth.  We can seal the ducts, install high MERV filters, install an air purification device such as the Reme Halo, install property sized HVAC equipment, and perform maintenance and cleaning.

If you want to learn more about your indoor air quality give us a call at (281)961-8854

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